@neauoire oh this looks fun :D are you coding this in C?

@neauoire wow :D i spent some time on 100rabbit.. i am impressed. you guys seem to have had happen to your brain and philo what happened to me when i went to burning man. (pre 2010), i realized how much of everything in the world is waste and foolish, pledging to self “get back to basics” to understand “really necessary” vs the external .prog and be able to add value for others when they mired in unnecessary complexity.. :D thanks for doing what you are, its important.

@neauoire you're always working on candy for the senses... With substance no less! I envy your ability :)

@neauoire This is great! And now I'm toying with the idea of making my own... For some reason I've been looking into MPCs as well these last few days, this is inspiring :)

@neauoire I've started to hack some kind of live finger drumming app with Godot, since it manages MIDI input pretty easily. I have a couple of pads controllers I find quite annoying to use within a DAW, so I'm experimenting to see if I can develop something more fun, with my own workflow. Building my own controller would a great project, but I don't have the skills yet.

@ice Oh, building the app is fairly easy. The hardware, not so much. I use the monome grid for that sort of thing :)

Lemme know if you need a hand with the app's design. I'm modelling the Uxn drum-rack over the Ableton Live UX.

@neauoire Ah yes, the Monome must be perfect to tinker with for this kind of project, and Ableton sure makes sense for UX inspiration. I'm not sure what I'll end up with yet, but the idea would be to blend live finger drumming with some kind of very simple MIDI looper that would trigger random variations of the recorded sequences. Basically you could play over evolving loops of what you played a few bars ago.

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