@neauoire Surprised to see Srub here. I visited their performances in Moscow and SPb. As for me, they are pushing their conter-christianity ideas a bit too much, and still it is hard to say if it is a PR or they are true belivers). Anyway, I like their neo-pagan sound. BTW, the song "Basylisk" is about eternal sea journey. youtube.com/watch?v=u4v05rjgG8

@sergey_m that was my favourite album when it came out.

Not sure about their stance either, I like the folk tales from the earlier albums more.

@neauoire In my opinion, their "manifesto" song is "988" (this one youtube.com/watch?v=P8SAtQ4e7D) Here is the lyrics with translation lyricstranslate.com/ru/988-988

988 - is (belived to be)) the year of Baptism of Russia) But many other songs are rather neutral, yes, more about tales.

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