@neauoire Seeing Nomadic Research Labs in the Whole Earth Review magazine was a profound influence on me. Not that I wanted to do what he was doing, but that it could be done by an individual. If he could do what he did, I could do what I wanted to do. And I have.

Now I have many times the computing power of his system in my pocket at all times, so perhaps were all nomadic researchers now.


@neauoire i found out about Steve Roberts & his Behemoth in the 5th grade, which is well well past 2 decades ago for me. incredibly inspirational. i never followed up on my interest in ham radio that it spiked, but it showed me computers in a light i had never thought of before, as something that can fit & work inside other contexts, and it turned my budding young programmer passion into a life-style desire.

then the #wearcomp/#ubicomp thing started happening, with Steve Mann, Thad Sterner, & i was hooked.

for what it's worth, 100 Rabbits has held a similar kind of inspiration & purpose to me as these folks did, mixing digital creativity & adventure.

@jauntywunderkind420 Steven K Roberts has been a big inspiration for us but we've only encountered him late in life, like 4 years ago or something. His work would have probably a big impact I'm sure. I'm gonna have to look up Steve Mann and Thad Sterner, I'm not familiar.

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