After nearly 80 hours of work.. I've completed the port of Nasu to the computer. It took a while because I had to learn that assembly language, and I took a bunch of twists and turn adding new features that would make it easier for us to make assets for our upcoming projects.

In any case, I'm am super happy with it.

@neauoire I’m not sure I understand everything that happens there, but it looks cool af. And useful if you know what you’re doing ^^

@irimi1 just cycling through colors, shifting tiles, open/save/load files :)

@neauoire Oh, and those small tiles next to the colour options are just views of the selected sprite/area? I think I got it now :)

@irimi1 yup :) So if you're creating the sprite for the letter E for example, you can see it clearly, and do little operations to it.

@neauoire This is a massive accomplishment. 👏👏👏 To reach this milestone you've clearly and kind of publicly grown as a programmer/systems designer.

You should celebrate with some buckwheat dumplings or something 😉

@rezmason Haha, thanks. Yeah I'll now hand it over to Rek for some testing :)

@neauoire this looks incredible-- congratulations!

what's the soundtrack?

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