on NintendoDS, every app we develop from now on will be instantly available on the platform, thanks to @asie

@neauoire @asie Thank you for releasing software on a dead platform ^_^

Okay, I realize that sounds like sarcasm. But I was being sincere. I love this new resurgence of homebrew on old consoles.

@psiie @asie 🤘 the most sustainable hardware is the one we already own.

@neauoire @asie Also fairly big props to nintendo for making hardware that lasts a long time. Not a whole lot of hard has survived as much aggressive daily usage as a gameboy and survived fully functioning to 2021.

@neauoire @asie I still have my first gameboy pocket and blue version that I played elementary school, couple of fresh AAA's and we're working fine. (I did replace the coin cell one time)

@peregrine @neauoire @asie in particular the user serviceable battery; sadly this is gone in their latest handheld.

@technomancy @neauoire @asie I've watched enough switch repair videos now to note that the battery is very replaceable. Good money to be made buying stacks of "dead' nintendo switches on ebay and replacing the battery + usb-c port and reselling.

@peregrine Definitely. I went through 3 XBox-360s, but my GB Pocket is still in great shape, and my Wii has survived nearly daily use by me and my kids @neauoire @asie

@neauoire @asie Whaaaaaat?!!!!!!! 😮😮😮😮

Impressed! 👌

@neauoire That's awesome! DS is my favorite handheld, so this is yet another reason for me to find some time to dig into uxn!

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