The Tokyo Government runs an official site where you enter general details on your households and the site gives you a list of all items/food you need to survive one week in case a natural disaster cuts you off from water, gas, electricity and shopping.

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I was wondering why they cook everything in pastic bags, it's so you don't have to do dishes, since water might be scarce.

@cancel The preparedness rino!!
Is it something everyone get by mail?

I love the disaster kanji.. it like like lava is coming out of a volcano, or smoke is coming out of a nuclear rea- oh.

@neauoire haha

Yeah, they delivered them a few years ago. I'm not sure what happens if you move in anew. Probably the city sends you one.

@neauoire unfortunately the preparedness rhino was not prepared for covid-19

@cancel Rino lied about the toilet paper!

We spent most of Covid in Minami-Ise(Mie), and I felt like people were doing pretty good, there was never shortages of anything. Admittedly, almost everyone lived on farm..

@neauoire my current thoughts on Japan dealing with problems is that it's very well prepared for the problems known ahead of time, and has trouble when forced to ad-lib.

@neauoire 3 packs of noodles for 4 adults, maybe arguing is one of the passtimes!


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