We made it to Sidney yesterday evening, it's great to return to the place where we bought the boat 5 years ago, it's crazy to think we actually achieved our goal of sailing to japan and getting back alive.

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@neauoire ah, neato! so it all comes around, hehe :) a childhood friend of mine moved to Sidney, tho I’ve never visited there. one of these days!

@neauoire It's freaking unbelievable, that's what it is. I have tons of respect for you and @rek as a team, as sailors, as creators and as humans altogether. Your journey is massively impressive and inspiring. I wish you good winds and many more adventures to share with the world.

@neauoire Wooow!! So cool!! When do you visit Ireland? It’s also on water :)

@neauoire cool! how long did it take? how was the weather?

@zabow There was no wind, we had to row non stop for almost half the distance.. it feels like it took for ever!

Congratulations on the achievement earned. Hope your hands, arms and shoulders are sound as well. That sounds like y'all did a bunch of rowing.

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