@neauoire I think it's also worth it for both health and quality of life reasons alone.

@neauoire but. but. what about electric bicycles? </almost_trolling>

@neauoire I hear ya 🚴‍♀️🚵‍♀️
I just upgraded my worn out front and rear derailleur. * Sweet * and * shiny * ✨💫

@neauoire THANKFULYL sales of cycles and ebikes are growing off the charts. Much faster than any other transportation and in ways that investors and politicans won't be able to ignore.

And anecdotally I've seen *way way* more bikes around everywhere, and like ebikes all over. In my rural hometown the only people who biked were drunks and doctors, now I see ebikes almost as frequently as I see them in the city.

@neauoire Whenever I cruise around on the ebike there is always one old dude who stops me to ask questions. Like one followed me down my alley to my home to ask me questions in his truck.

Which is huge because old dudes around here are extremely uninterested in green anything or new anything thats not a truck.

@neauoire The urban planning and infrastucture is where it needs to start too. Outside of the most progressive and densely populated areas the roadways in most places are extremely unfriendly to cycling and walking.

@neauoire wAlking is more important. Hell going back to horse and buggy would be cleaner

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