“Imagine the amazing good fortune of the generation that gets to see the end of the world. This is as marvelous as being there in the beginning.” ― Jean Baudrillard

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@neauoire i mean... i'm optimistic and always on the look out for the positive... yet this is unsettling to me.

no idea who this Jean is though, will have to look hom up: stereotypically i could to dismiss him as some sort of christian oil-baroon 😅

@neauoire ...except for the part where you see everyone suffer immensely all around you and die in excruciating pain, but hey, nothing can be perfect. I often think of that too : if humanity is really fucked, what were the odds that I would see that in my lifetime ?

@neauoire (quite high actually when you think about it, as human population grew exponentially)

@jylm6d I think about that too sometimes, but then I remember reading Virgil and about how he thought the world was fucked two thousand years ago.

@neauoire As a kid, my father often talked about his own apocalyptic fears : atomic third war. We got 2 bombs, a lot of people irradiated, the cold war killed a lot, but doomsday didn't happen. So one of the way I try to stay optimistic is by saying to myself that it could be the same here. Shit will hit the fan hard, but maybe not apocalyptically hard. In truth I haven't got a clue. The scientists I listen to all say we are pretty fucked, but as an artist I leave a room for unexpected outcomes.

@jylm6d Likewise, that sort of adaptation to environmental changes requires some pretty creative problem-solving.

For a few years now, I've sort of refocused my attention at helping friends through this period of adaptation and watching that unfold gives me hope.

@neauoire That's one side of the problem, people are awakening individually, that's true. Sometimes in bad ways, but awareness progresses fast. The other side is to stop environmental destruction before it is impossible to adapt to the changes. This side of the problem is pretty hopeless for now, with capitalism entering end-of-game frenzy. I would love to see some light in this tunnel of hegemonic economical obscurantism.

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