First time generating sounds from the Uxn implementation of Orca! The sounds are coming from Uxn's built-in synthesizer, 4 channels playing basic waveforms.

It took me two solid attempts to get it right, but stack programming is starting to feel second nature now.

@neauoire Are there any resources specifically on stack (virtual) machines you would recommend? My web searches don’t come up with that much…

@neauoire Ok :) I’ll go through the references to Forth on your xxiivv page 👍 I just finished reading the essay on Thoughtful Programming where it does mention Forth being very close to the metal, but didn’t realize it was _that_ close 🙃

@teo You could just dive in and try Uxn too, it's like a very simple forth with almost no features.

Otherwise, you could try RetroForth, or Factorio.

@neauoire Damn, I was looking for an excuse to buy that Factorio game 🤷🏻‍♂️
I will definitely have a good look at the Uxn source and Factor too — i wasn’t aware that (those) stack based languages mapped so tightly to a stack machine VM implementation. I guess it makes sense if Forth is more or less an assembly language for a different kind of hw.

@neauoire damn this sounds amazing! it's insane how quick you build awesome stuff in uxn :D
Looking forward to having a version of orca to jam with that has some inbuilt sounds - having to hook up MIDI synths was always the slow part of orca jamming for me.

@nihilazo You can try this version if you wanna mess with it, it's missing a bunch of control features like copy/paste and block selection, and save.

@neauoire remember when this was a javascript program that did everything with strings and made multiple copies and passes over the data

@cancel The uxn port code is much more similar to the orca-c code in that it uses macro for nearly all port operations.

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