The moment you have a somewhat popular internet presence you get bombarded with brands wanting you to promote their shit.

You grow suspicious of anyone online talking about any sort of device or service. Every brand that asked me to promote their shit, I'll never trust anyone being legitimately excited about their products ever again, because I know there's a chance they also been asked to do so.

@neauoire I honestly would wish fame and celebrity upon no one. There is a big part of me that craves the attention and acknowledgement, but it's always tempered by thoughts like this

@neauoire maybe build a list of things you were asked to promote? This might help others (similar to blocklists for spam). A simple listing or raw text file would do.

@neauoire back when I had Instagram, I would look at accounts of internet popular people and feel sad and lacking because I only had like, 100 followers... Classic influencer aspirational bullshit. Here on mervielles, with post like these, I feel genuinely privileged to have a quiet, private life where I get to make my music pressure free and nobody expects anything from me! Being that on other social media felt like I was doing something wrong, here I'm lucky to be that :D I love this place!

@Nonverbalpoetry :D I'm so happy that you made your way here 🖤

I'm not sure how long the fediverse will remain a chill place, but we'll ride it for as long as it remains a safe haven from the alienating pressure of social networks.

@neauoire nothing in the physical world lasts forever, things constantly shift and erode and rot and regrow, I think cyberspace is pretty much the same. It makes building communities potentially difficult but a strong community will travel together between settlements anyway, having spent some time here, I feel like this is the kind of group of people who could migrate together and rebuild. It feels a little like there is a resilience to mervielle that extends past mastadon

@neauoire please name them for the greater good

@mtm I'm starting to make a list for my wiki right now, but what prompted me to write this was more targeted outreach from Aventino. Will share once I've dug out every last one of them from mailbox.

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