So…steam just released a hand-held linux PC/gaming console ??

@neauoire I’m familiar with it but I don’t remember, what happened to it? I always assumed it was a niche product, like the nvidia shield

@dfr It lives as electronic waste in thousands of people's drawers, that's what happened.

@neauoire i mean…isn’t most of the consumer electronics just waste at some point? I’m not sure what to think, if this is a somewhat open linux computer it may outlive its original purpose…

@dfr yeah it totally is, it's fucking tone-deaf. Ooya was Linux, it didn't survive either, that won't either

@neauoire @dfr Ouya was an ARM device that came out well before Proton. SteamDeck is an x86-64 device that is coming out well after Proton, and now > 80% of games run on GNU/Linux with little to no tweaking. Given the success of the Switch, people clearly like the Switch form factor.

This doesn't seem tone-deaf at all to me.

@dfr @neauoire People still use old consoles that were built to last. Since this supposedly lets you replace the whole OS, it should last much longer. Even has a microSD slot, so it's already better than a lot of smartphones.

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