Many people prefer to consume their audiovisual media at resolutions and data rates that are as high as possible (thus consuming as much energy as possible). This is, of course, an extremely unsustainable preference.


I remember, in 1996, the famous JennyCam, with a 320×240 pic every 3 minutes… and it had lots of fans, even if not every image can be received because of the bandwidth of that era!

Also, if you're not logged in, loading previous setting, many media platforms would automatically set for the highest sustainable quality.

@neauoire I also particularly like:

"IC fabrication requires large amounts of energy, highly refined machinery and poisonous substances. Because of this sacrifice, the resulting microchips should be treasured like gems or rare exotic spices. Their active lifespans would be maximized, and they would never be reduced to their raw materials until they are thoroughly unusable."

Right to Repair!

@neauoire Hmmmm,

"Most of today's software engineering practices and tools were invented for a "Moore's law world" where accumulation, genericity and productization are more important than simplicity and resource-sensitivity. New practices and tools will be needed for a future world that will no longer approve wasteful use of resources."

I can't wait until people recognize this wastefulness! And aren't dismissive of my efforts to address it.

@neauoire We should probably do a lot of those things, but unless intel agrees I don't see much of it happening :/

@neauoire This manifesto has a holistic vision of computing, but each individual group in the market that is causing all the externality problems are thinking only locally.

@dualhammers What do you mean by locally? Like hardware developers are not in contact with the software developers?

@neauoire @dualhammers I think there's truth to this, with the Linux kernel being a dominant target for hardware vendors to load externalities onto!

@alcinnz @neauoire The incentive for the hardware developers is not entirely aligned with the software developers, and the software developers don't have a strong incentive to reject bad design behavior from hardware.

Neither group cares in a large bloc about e-waste or rare earth slave mining, so there isn't a strong incentive to treat chips as precious because doing so would damage future growth potential for both sides

@neauoire "Even compression artifacts might look so pleasant that people would actually prefer to have them."

This seemed strange to me at first, but then I realised that sometimes, people enjoy the soft background noise of analog media, the crackle of a dusty vinyl record, etc. So that's actually an interesting idea.

@samgai @neauoire as a hobby i try and design codecs around producing interesting compression artefacts. in a way, what a conpression artefact *is*, is replacing entropy in a signal with some predictable order- and the usual goal is to design that predictable order to be unlikely to be percieved by humans, and exploiting their documented perceptual deficiencies to do so.

but that is, after all, a choice. you could optimise for perceptible beauty instead.

@samgai @neauoire i don’t have a usable “product” yet but you can see (one of my) threads of my experiments here

@neauoire I love all these ideas of permacomputing - and now I want to apply them to my computer use, but my energy-hungry, internet-reliant, complex and abstract x86-64 desktop PC seems practically designed to stop that. I really want to simplify my computer use but the requirements of my college to use the microsoft suite (and my personal addiction to video games) make that more difficult than it should be.

@neauoire Nice article. It even seems to stick to its own principles by being a 27KiB simple HTML document. (With no javascript or tracking!)

@neauoire Sadly, there is no HTTPS support. But since HTTPS uses more resources than unencrypted HTTP, maybe that was intentional? I wonder if information security and privacy are even compatible with the idea of permacomputing. I wish the article had discussed this.

@neauoire @samgai Every now and then I think about adding HTTPS support (along with Gopher and Gemini) but I haven't considered it urgent. Everything on that server is public anyway, including all the file indexes, so even under encryption it would be possible to guess the requested files from the traffic.

I definitely think information security is compatible with permacomputing, but I don't personally buy into the idea of encrypting everything.

@neauoire super good read (at least the first half- we havent been able to finish it just yet)

@neauoire remember when everyone but home cinema film buffs were happy with watching all movies at 480p on dvds... And now our even our cat videos need to be at least 1080!

@Nonverbalpoetry @neauoire I only watch 8K cat videos now. If I can't see the movement of individual strands of fur I'm not really seeing anything. 😜

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