@mrus I don't know who on here would be a cat type.. Not us that's for sure.

@neauoire I mean I get that for people looking for a mobile apartment+office kind of thing the benefits of a cat outweigh the aesthetics of a monohull. But on the other hand then a houseboat might make more sense I guess.

@mrus cats can sail pretty far and pretty fast, it's definitely more agile to respond to weather than a houseboat.

@neauoire true, but let’s be honest, few people would probably seek the adventure of sailing far and fast with a boat full of their belongings, especially if we’re talking mobile office (expensive hardware, documents, maybe production samples, etc).

@mrus we met a bunch but it's definitely not for everyone, especially people with pets and kids.

@ruby0x1 @neauoire I'm dreaming of visiting everyone's galley and sharing all of our cooking in real life.

@neauoire The cables you see across the boats are actually CAT5 cables. That's a LAN party.

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