Back in New Zealand, we tried insulating the boat. We did a pretty poor job, and so we've stripped it all off, and are trying again..

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@neauoire what will you use to insulate with this time? some type of foam insulation or something more natural?

@liaizon We're thinking about trying expanding foam, we had installed the reflextix type stuff and we couldn't get it to stick properly(it made a total mess).

@neauoire yeah that’s probably the most straight forward method I’d imagine. I wonder if they used to use lambs wool back in the day for that type of thing

@liaizon I don't know, but I do know that it absorbs wetness so it's not a good candidate for us as there won't be any sort of air flow there.

@neauoire now this is the 100r write-up I'm waiting for.

we are still in and out of lockdown, so any boat visits or work keep getting interrupted. poor thing has been sitting at the dock mostly alone for a year and a half. I'm trying to be patient.

@neauoire on and off. we've been able to go for a bit earlier this year, but we also prioritised seeing family, etc.

at the moment, can't go _anywhere_.

certainly can't move aboard because we don't know if there will be further lockdowns.

I haven't been able to investigate what was wrong with the engine last time (black smoke)... so when I do get down, I'll clean the fuel and service the engine... but if that doesn't fix it then i'll need to get help. in any case, no sailing yet.

@whtrbt we've taken the engine out of the boat right now, it's at a shop. Fucking engines..

I hope you can go back to your boat soon ✊

@neauoire Do you rent the mask and jumper or are those just part of your cargo now?

@neauoire Good call.

I want to get to the point where I can have good durable cargo like that - hard to justify in an apartment

@dualhammers yeah that wouldn't make too much sense. We're totally priced out for boat work in Canada, it will be impossible for us to ever hire anyone to do anything for us, so we have to become the mechanic, the plumber, etc.. And having good tools to work with is necessary as it turns out :<

@neauoire Honestly I think it's a better way to go. The downside of having money is that it can get you out of learning

@neauoire How do you stop condensation? I feel like I can't do this to my boat because I have to keep an eye on any rust because steel hull :)
expanding foam is the least removable solution I can imagine.

@nomand most steel hulls are using expanding foam for that reason, but it's apply-and-forget. I think @Nonverbalpoetry used that too.

Our friends on Robusta also filled the walls of their steel boat with that stuff I think:

@neauoire I just have slabs of polystyrine in there. It looks to be in pretty 70's condition :P

@neauoire After flying a massive seaplane in a flight sim, it got me thinking, are live-on seaplanes a thing?

@theneko I don't think so, I dream that sometimes there was such a thing, a bit like in Proco Rosso.

@theneko @neauoire hulking solar powered ground effect plane. Moves rarely but when it does move it moves extremely fast.

@theneko @neauoire this thing but instead of carrying tanks it's carrying more batteries than anyone can afford just yet, and also a large kitchen



I feel like that "West System" epoxy resin has a brand more befitting of a Seattle-based 1980s time-sharing computer network.

@neauoire Eurostile Extended: official font of well-funded fictional scientific institutions, one-way trips to space and clandestine research installations

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