Back in New Zealand, we tried insulating the boat. We did a pretty poor job, and so we've stripped it all off, and are trying again..

@neauoire now this is the 100r write-up I'm waiting for.

we are still in and out of lockdown, so any boat visits or work keep getting interrupted. poor thing has been sitting at the dock mostly alone for a year and a half. I'm trying to be patient.

@neauoire on and off. we've been able to go for a bit earlier this year, but we also prioritised seeing family, etc.

at the moment, can't go _anywhere_.

certainly can't move aboard because we don't know if there will be further lockdowns.

I haven't been able to investigate what was wrong with the engine last time (black smoke)... so when I do get down, I'll clean the fuel and service the engine... but if that doesn't fix it then i'll need to get help. in any case, no sailing yet.


@whtrbt we've taken the engine out of the boat right now, it's at a shop. Fucking engines..

I hope you can go back to your boat soon ✊

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