@eris if you're fed up with this person attacking you, report any one of their toots and I'll block suspend them altogether.

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@neauoire @eris i'm sort of bewildered and frustrated by this but don't really want to engage
micah is usually pretty reasonable. ultimately she's making a point that she's made a lot and that i agree with: techno-optimism and play with computing ends up feeding into the exploitation of those people by capital, because those resources are treated as derealized things, without consequence. hypernormalized.
but she's making the point in an unusually confrontational and opaque way.

@syntacticsugarglider @eris I don't care what point they think they're trying to make, this is no way to interact with people.

Ultimately, I disagree with the entire premise that marvelous computing curiosity is detrimental to general computing, but hey

@neauoire @eris i disagree with that premise as well... i just think it's important to qualify that curiosity with an understanding of the power of computational tools and some social/class consciousness such that one doesn't end up using that marvelous capacity to drive us further into hell (thus also generally missing the extent of the expressive utility of computing)
but yeah. basic communication, prioritizing good-faith interaction & kindness takes precedence.

@syntacticsugarglider @neauoire im not always the best at good faitj communication but id like to be told when im not, so i can improve

@neauoire @eris micah hates excitement at this point. hates wonder. is very bitter. i don't really know what to say to that, because i understand her perspective and am only less embittered because i'm (delusional?) enough to think i have solutions. i think i have to believe that in order to continue living

@eris @neauoire it's not. i'm not having very much fun either, to be honest. i try to be nice to people anyhow, though. being overtly bitter toward others is a target location error and isn't going to help anyone.

@syntacticsugarglider @eris @neauoire I found the thread and I think your analysis is spot on. They seem upset about an issue they feel powerless to control and arguing with people online who remind them of that issue, even just by word usage, feels like control.

@neauoire @eris this is under appreciated: with a plethora of instances, dropping accounts isn’t such a bad thing…people always rail against this when there is no alternative place to go, but trolling need not be tolerated everywhere in the modern decentralized era.

@neauoire @eris that person is extremely toxic... not only on fed but on twitter as well...

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