Back in New Zealand, we tried insulating the boat. We did a pretty poor job, and so we've stripped it all off, and are trying again..

@neauoire How do you stop condensation? I feel like I can't do this to my boat because I have to keep an eye on any rust because steel hull :)
expanding foam is the least removable solution I can imagine.

@nomand most steel hulls are using expanding foam for that reason, but it's apply-and-forget. I think @Nonverbalpoetry used that too.

Our friends on Robusta also filled the walls of their steel boat with that stuff I think:

@neauoire I just have slabs of polystyrine in there. It looks to be in pretty 70's condition :P

@neauoire After flying a massive seaplane in a flight sim, it got me thinking, are live-on seaplanes a thing?

@theneko I don't think so, I dream that sometimes there was such a thing, a bit like in Proco Rosso.

@theneko @neauoire hulking solar powered ground effect plane. Moves rarely but when it does move it moves extremely fast.

@theneko @neauoire this thing but instead of carrying tanks it's carrying more batteries than anyone can afford just yet, and also a large kitchen

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