As much as I like the fediverse, I do not really think it is a piece of permacomputing software.

I take the point from some that societal collapse likely means we very well may be doing a lot less computation with silicon in the future.

I was talking with someone a couple generations older than me yesterday. They relayed to me how their workplace transitioned to installing a computer onto everyone’s desk in the 80s. No doubt it became required by Capital and the State that everyone should now become involved in the activity of using a computer everyday.

To this day, when I visit them, their computer is never on, and sits there idly on their desk. It does interest me that the word ‘compute’ now means ‘compute with an electric machine’. The demands of everyday life will likely change as capitalist services begin to fail, perhaps so too machine computing will fade into the background as we try to organise the provisioning of more immediate needs.

Still, I think: what an amazing achievement, if something of a tragic or pyrrhic one. I remember staring for the first time at video chess on my father’s luminescent IBM computer monitor. Maybe we will get that fascination from elsewhere in generations to come. I am glad I have it right now.

I want to be a part of an attempt to preserve the best part of what we have right now. I think some good can come from machine computing, and I do think it is justified to practice it as an end in itself.

I suppose this brings me back to my original statement about the fediverse. Unfortunately (?) I will not attempt to preserve it if it is swept away. I think, as time goes on, you will need too many resources to keep it going. I suppose this is my reason. I will miss it. I am here for now, but—and this is me speculating—something based on packet radio etc. may take its place.

I do think about this place a lot. I like reading and writing. I am thinking right now: it is an amazing feat, sure, but it is far too many moving parts to be something worth preserving as civilisation as we know it right now collapses.


@vidak permacomputing uses radio.

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