@chirrolafupa just looked at the content of your Uxn tutorial, I am so excited to see this come together *__*) It'll be the much needed Starting Uxn, maybe we could illustrate the guide if you're interested :D

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@neauoire yes, i'm excited too! :tealheart: (would asking for a uxn custom icon over here be too much?)

re: illustrations, that sounds fun! for the first section i thought of having some kind of diagram showing the cpu along with the main memory, the stacks, and the I/O memory as four different boxes. that in order to address (hehe) the fact that the devices are in a different space than the main memory / zero page.

i expect to work on this iteratively, so we can keep talking/improving it :)

@neauoire @chirrolafupa is it public? it sounds like something I could seriously use lol

@monarrk @neauoire this is the url for the soon-to-be tutorial! for the moment it only has the outline :)

stay tuned!

@chirrolafupa @neauoire oh cool, thanks! the whole project you have going with this website is sick as hell. it gave me the idea to try and make a little paper ternary calculator thing I'm gonna attempt tonight

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