Day 4 of relying solely on my own text-editor for updating our websites, writing docs, programming a little game. I think at this point I'm pretty sold on it, I should be able to stick to it.

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@neauoire out of curiosity, is there a commandline/file manager for uxn yet?

@elfi not yet, I've started dabbling with that idea but I don't have anything usable yet.

It'll look something like:

@neauoire amazing you did it with proportional font too! are you keeping with the snarf file or are you going to find another way to make copy+paste easier?

@theruran keeping the snarf file, it's a lot of fun to bring things in and out of Uxn. I haven't tried really implementing it with xclip just yet. I'll look into that once I get annoyed.

@neauoire What's the largest file you can edit? Are you using large arrays?

@pj the maximum length is 64kb - 18kb(current size of left)

@neauoire looks fab. Is that a list of what you’ve been working on and for how long in the background?

@neauoire that aesthetic though :tealheart: I'll keep dreaming with making my own text editor until I have the time and motivation of give it a go

@neauoire I had to open a Word doc today and the UX feels just exhausting now. It’s like trying to fly a Jumbo jet when you can just walk there.

@dokoissho No one better than MS to make you feel like you're smoking 20 cigarettes at the same time when you're only trying to edit some text.

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