"Appeals to decentralization too often fail to contend with the power structures that can take hold of supposedly liberatory projects."

@neauoire >The conventional wisdom about networks suggests that their politics can be reduced to how centralized they are
>reducing politics

politics is anything i don't like. i go punch. kick. bite. fight.


Meh. I don’t find the article compelling at all. Don’t even know where to start because there is so little concretely said that it is hard to refute.

@neauoire That quote alone describes the downfall that I and my friends saw in our respective Occupy groups.

@neauoire @tehn this is saying me (who currently makes no money online) shouldnt want this new way to get paid for art, because people who already make a lot of money from art will make more money?

Why wouldn’t i want to cut out middle men instead of having people who follow me to maybe go to my patreon to maybe sign up, as opposed to seeing my art on mastodon/instagram clicking like which automatically sends me 25 cents?

@nx @tehn I think this is just referring to how the lesser known artists are paying the gas fees for people with huge followings.

I think it's more of a warning against thinking that decentralization equalizes power.

@neauoire @tehn ah, the gas fees for some Proof of Stake chains is like .001 cents tho so atleast that wont be an issue with those.

Yeah i feel that and thats why i like the criticism blockchain and p2p tech get. But sometimes it seems like some people are so mad that blockchains etc aren’t perfect that they overlook its still can be good and better then what we have now without being perfect.

This tech being used to track clean food, water and energy used, created or wasted seems so Solarpunk

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