I'm feeling a bit down today, I wasted so much time fighting horribly bloated toolchains.

Messed with Rust's take on Electron(tauri) this afternoon, it's fucking slow, it's basically a bandwidth blackhole.

This evening, I tried to hand-configure something that is clearly designed to be used from within X Code, or some other all-in-one IDE deps-manager manager shit. After HOURS, I have nothing to show for it, I don't feel like I learnt a single thing.

I don't know why I do this to myself.

I'd be totally useless without the help(and patience) of this community.

Okay, now.

So, @alderwick has started implementing Varvara()'s PPU on the . Not fully working yet, but it's getting there.

This is likely the first emulator implementation on there.

The Varvara PPU on the . Time to implement the keyboard device and get Orca going.

2.7” Sharp Memory LCD
Monochrome memory LCD display
400 x 240 pixel resolution

@neauoire I preordered one of these and am very interested in seeing uxn run on here 👀

@winduptoy myeah, I'm always sort of looking for alternatives.. and well, the search goes on..

@neauoire You're not doing it to others at least. Quite the contrary. 🤗

@oz @neauoire take vigilance, for those who fight monsters may find they have become one; and when you look into the abyss, thr abyss is looking into you.
— MGMT, Kids

@oz @neauoire which is to say, all bloated systems start out as simple systems created to fight bloat and complexity. people don’t set out to make these messes on purpose.

@neauoire I spent about a month with Rust trying to like it. Regardless of the merits and issues with the language itself, the whole toolchain, compiler, and ecosystem felt slower and more bloated than the whole Node.js disaster.

@neauoire does this have anything to do with the playdate 🤔?

@mario_afk @neauoire heh, I suspect it has everything to do with the Playdate.

If it's any comfort, I'll be looking at their dev stuff down the road, will judge it by the standards set by C89+SDL, and will be available for commiserating 😄

@rezmason @neauoire I haven't looked to much in the C api but remember reading the simulator is done with SDL

@neauoire this is why we can’t have nice things. Spread the word regarding proper abstraction and modularity of design…and hope for a better world after we are done borrowing space here.

@neauoire Rust itself is a little bit too big... I confess I haven't got into it much, but it looks really complex and well... bloated :s

@neauoire seeing how the other side live? Fortifies your own position?

@moke I'm always pulled into trying to "do things the standard way", and I check up on modern practices from time to time.

@neauoire sorry man :/ the real shame is that the pocketchip couldve been the playdate! if only it kept going

@neauoire oh, you're playing with the playdate? how is it? and how mature is the sdk?

@Claire It's neat, it was donated to us so we're giving a honest shot at building something for it.

I'm not interested in learning lua too much, but the C API is neat.

It's rare that I see platforms that are basically screaming HACK THINGS IN C ON ME. The documentation is written for OSX users, but I'll try to write a little startup manual for the rest of us :)

@neauoire Great to see it's already working on PlayDate! Hope it ends up working on SQFMI's upcoming "Franky" at some point as well!

@neauoire @alderwick o_o cool! i wonder how well the 4-colour graphics of existing uxn programs will map to the monochrome display.

@neauoire this makes me want to see if I can get uxn running on my ereader.

@joemama shouldn't be too hard to get the screen going, I wonder what sort of audio output your ereader has.

@neauoire im pretty sure it doesnt have one but I do think it would be fun to implement an epub reader on uxn on my ereader.

@joemama I've already started implementing a-reader for uxn, so that'll cover all retro handhelds that support uxn.

@neauoire Is the text readable? It doesn't look like I'd be able to read it in person.

@cancel yeah it's pretty readable, the Orca font is twice the size of the one in the picture too.

@neauoire What kind of device is this? It looks awesome!

@neauoire such a great screen. FYI the display hardware updates in rows. No matter if one pixel changes or the entire row.

You can update 240 rows @ 50Hz, ~175 rows @ 60Hz up to ~75 rows @ 200 Hz. At those high Hz I can flash alternate dither patterns to achieve a quite solid shade of grey.

@neauoire I see teenage engineering was involved with the PlayDate. I really like the way this looks!

@vanillacherry I'm implementing it right now actually. It'll write to the Mouse/wheel port.

@neauoire @vanillacherry

I wonder, what if:

- clockwise cranking increments mouse x
- counterclockwise cranking increments mouse y
- mouse x and y could wrap around?

@neauoire @vanillacherry Discretionary functionality is a paradigm I can get behind 😁

@neauoire @alderwick, great work that screen looks really nice for an kcd almost looks like e paper in the photos

@kevin @neauoire It's a bit of unusual tech called a SHARP Memory Display! Adafruit sell a breakout for the exact same display at adafruit.com/product/4694 . They do look a lot more like e-paper but they do refresh a lot faster: 20 fps for a full screen refresh at the datasheet's recommended communications speed.

(Adafruit's own software drives this 50% faster and the Playdate looks to be driving it faster still, but we're not quite at 60 fps full screen.)

@neauoire @alderwick great to see this progress! there's a Game Boy emulator but I've not seen it recently. This looks cool!

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