When commodities break, they are easily replaced. When you break a chair, you buy another chair. We know well how to make one thousand chairs. They sit in boxes, lining the warehouses, ready for two-day shipping.

But when the unique breaks, we might mend.

@neauoire Reminds me of something I heard today:

If you view capitalism as a thing people do rather than a god people serve you fail to understand why we let the machines we shape shape us

@neauoire It's a little long-winded but I essentially agree in that I find it a useful narrative framing.

@neauoire I think faith is another way of saying collective narrative. Narratives become gods when people put technologies, laws, and institutions in place to uphold them. Then they seem to have a mind of their own

@neauoire I prefer fixable items of high quality. Hard to find new anymore.

Reminds me of all the pieces of furniture we had at my parents' in the country I used to live in. At the time they would ask a carpenter to make them because that's how things were done.

No one does that anymore now.

@neauoire I love how Simon Sarris sums up, "If you commoditize toys, you remove the toymaker. If you remove the toymaker, the toy is only an object of consumption. It ceases to be an object of wonder"

@trregeagle I could quote the whole article from beginning to end, it's so good.

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