@neauoire is the plan eventually to be able to export roms as executables ? similar to how PICO does it ?

@mario_afk probably not from us, I'm not super interested in shipping an emulator around each 10kb rom. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone does it.

@neauoire Cool :) I feel it would make it easier to tell people to try it out

@neauoire @mario_afk it's kinda common with love2d games to ship fused binaries that just work on the host machine, and the "raw" love file so that people have both a low waste option and an easy mode.

I know it's not really in the spirit of uxn but I can't imagine the vm is hundreds of meg like with electron?

And just having the raw option is a breadcrumb for naive but curious folks

@mario_afk @neauoire static linking causes sdl to be unable to find a video display

@neauoire Is the Neauismetica published or posted anyplace in its entirety?

@rezmason No, it's just a text document written in french, I've been putting the best bits and pieces on my website over time. I've been meaning to finish up the Lietal docs, so I could translate the remaining bits into it, and then I'll share the whole thing as a English translation.

@neauoire wow, that video is beautiful! :tealheart: 🤩

i'm curious: what was your workflow for the 3d geometries back then? when i arrived over here almost a year ago, i saw you were developing and using moogle in c

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