"Is uxn like TIC-80?"

Me: "Yes! Same thing."

*reads about TIC-80*

Me: "No! Not at all."

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@neauoire haha i thought you meant TIS-100 and started envisioning a 100R programming game that secretly teaches players uxn

end screen: "oh btw: you can run these solutions on any computer outside of the game!!"

@neauoire if I'm understanding it correctly, it's similar in that it's a "virtual machine" with artificially limited memory and display capabilities, but it's different in that TIC is much higher-level and ships with a bunch of tooling to make games while with uxn you're on your own to build out that kind of tooling? as a huge oversimplification, maybe TIC feels like it teaches you how to make games and uxn feels like it teaches you how computers work?

@technomancy is TIC-80 a VM? I've been looking through the code and I don't think it run bytecode?

@neauoire in the traditional sense of a virtual machine, TIC includes a number of VM implementations; for instance it can run Lua bytecode and includes a JS virtual machine, but TIC itself is not a VM.

but I meant it in a more literal sense; it's a simulated machine which has certain "physical" specs and registers which only exist in software.

@neauoire I'd say that Uxn is much closer in spirit to RetroForth, but it's still not an exact match.

@vertigo I had the idea for uxn after reading the Polygons Of Another World.

But the vm itself was inspired from RetroForth's nga, especially how it used to handle devices!

@neauoire that reminds me that I thought of trying to port uxn to TIC-80; I think the only thing really stopping me is that I want to finish my current project first

Huh, I never considered how "fantasy console" and "virtual machine" could be highly confusing to people not familiar with either terms yet, but that makes a lot of sense actually

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