I wish we could do away with going to ports altogether, I'd happily sail to cargo ships like "TWO CABBAGES, A BAG OF COFFEE AND A BAG OF RICE!"

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@neauoire I mean, you still could do that, but I think it's generally frowned upon and called 'piracy' or something ? smh

@neauoire Perhaps there's potential for small farmers here. A floating farm stand for sailors? I kind of love this idea.

@tickfoot That would be the dream, being able to resupply at floating farm barges. There are basically no services like that for cruisers, the only option is always to sail into busy and expensive ports, when really the entire business could be done in a few minutes.

@rek @neauoire

yeah! idk how we’re gonna do funding, but that’s something my crew has been discussing lately. floating farms and markets seems important for a sea based civilization

@neauoire generally i hate the idea of drones flying through the air in populated areas but i admit, would be rad to be able to hang out on ship & get supplies dropped off

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