Somewhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan, there is an ancient Commodore Amiga that is hard at work. For over a quarter century it has been controlling the heat and air conditioning at 19 different schools and running nonstop. It's still kicking, for now anyway.

@neauoire I understand why they'd want to replace it (for maintainence reasons), but then I think: is there literally any chance a modern heating control system could last 30 years? Probably not.

@neauoire Working Amigas are currently selling for the same prices they did when they were new 🥴

@cancel @neauoire

I have one in my attic. I get it out occasionally. I'm going to need to get a new mouse. They are sooooo expensive.

@neauoire The obvious solution (to me) is to buy 3-5 backup Commodore Amigas (even broken ones, for parts) to replace this one in case it fails, not replacing it with a "modern" system.

@tty haha, I was thinking the same.. I figured it shouldn't be too hard to find 2-3 dedicated retrocomputing hardcore fans to keep it going/

@neauoire Yeah! I bet you could find *volunteers* to do this for free!

@neauoire @tty but just imagine what kind of computer **2 million dollars** could get you!!

@neauoire I guess it's the comp and the associated system, but still

@neauoire I remember reading about this when it was first published a few years ago...probably replaced by now. Some consultant probably really bamboozled the school board to convince them to spend *two meeeelion dollars* for an upgrade considering the capabilities of open embedded systems these days

@neauoire you're telling me that with a shortwave radio and a 1200 baud modem, a sufficiently enterprising student could hack their school's AC system to make it overheat and get their classes cancelled

@neauoire at a museum i worked at until 2010 we had an ancient DOS machine from the mid 80s controlling our heating and air conditioning. it worked at least as long as 2010 when i left.

@neauoire Your toot really sounds like something the Magical Realism Bot would have posted! :D

(as pointed out to me by @anmaeriel )

@neauoire this is even more ancient tech but reminds me of when I was working at NASA and learned that the computers controlling Hubble from the ground were the same ones as when it launched in 1990.

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