"Hello! Do you have a minute to talk about Dracula?"

"No- wait, Dracula?"


"You're vampires?"

"Yes. We have pamphlets."

"Vampires have missionaries?"

"Where else would new vampires come from?"

"I assumed you bit people."

"There are many hurtful stereotypes. May we come in?"

@neauoire not as indiecool byt i had to crawl through my gist archives to find a thread on dependency injection containers. wow there was a lot of old cruft between now & then.

@neauoire nope. @codeberg does Codeberg has such thing like Sourcehut paste or GitHub gists?

Not yet, but on the far mid-term. We talked about the topic on our last partial team meeting in Berlin not long ago.

Relevant issue is:

@neauoire "Errr, folklore says you need to be invited so… maybe we can go to the nearby bar or something?"

@neauoire the only religious missionaries i'd ever let into my house

@neauoire thought you were talking about the colour scheme for a minute...

@neauoire what if the borg but they asked people and had pamphlets?

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