Just finished porting the remaining modules of my wiki to assembly, removed the old C codebase.


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@dualhammers yeah, but I haven't really started to optimize it yet. I wanted to have a working site, then I figured I could spend time learning how to make things run faster :)

@neauoire oh wow, no more indental? seems like the site structure is more 100r wiki-esque?

@cblgh I'm keeping the tree structure(database/lexicon), if you look at the first value in the file, it's the depth, and I can use that to build the tree. The result is the same, but I don't have to run through the file counting the number of tabs. I've baked the tabs basically.

I've also moved the BREF into their own files because that was too large for 64kb.

@neauoire I found the whole logic of the oscean brilliant. It took me a while to understand how the db files work. The parser code in c seems intimidating but i didn't quit yet. Great work!

@neauoire I’m finding this inspiring. In my case, it’s sending me on a tangent to think a bit more deeply about what I want the ssg for my site to do.

@tendigits when you have a limited set of resources it forces you see what's truly essential. I found that I had to digest what XXIIVV was to its central point, doing this process of "ssg from first principles".

@neauoire this is where, in my opinion, coding is in its most creative form, the further away it is from other peoples scripts, tool chains and dependencies.

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