at last: tutorial day 6, towards pong, is now online!

here we talk about how we can integrate everything that we have covered so far in order to create more complex subroutines and programs for the computer.

besides using previous strategies and snippets of code, we cover strategies for drawing and controlling multi-tile sprites, and for checking collisions.


@neauoire just so you know, i plan to edit day 2 to mention the auto byte in the ppu, and afterwards i want to include a more prominent example of using it here in day 6 :)


@sejo ah! okay :) It's a fairly bleeding edge feature, I don't think it's in @metasyn's web port yet.

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@neauoire @sejo I'll look into getting it updated to the latest build on a continuous integration system so it won't fall too far behind 🌿

@neauoire @sejo alrighto! finally got around to this... added some headless integration tests, set up a ci system on sourcehut, and now the site should have some text in "about" as to the last build/deploy time as well the uxn commit that is running in the emulator/assembler - currently set to build/deploy once a day 🎉

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