A gale is blowing itself outside, perfect day to stay inside the boat, and do conlang experiments with a cup of tea in hand.

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@neauoire Can't wait for the practically inevitable Uxn-based roguelike that's gonna be made with this

@neauoire look into bqn if you want an approach to apl glyphs that's internally consistent! there's actually design behind bqn glyphs, rather than vague trends like in apl

@eris I didn't meant I wanted to use the APL glyphs, but just something like it. I need glyphs for the Uxn opcodes, which don't really map to neither APL/BQN.

@neauoire i didnt say you did! im saying the bqn glyphs have design principles which might be helpful ^^

@eris oki oki ^^

while you're here, you wouldn't have happened to stumbled on images of RPN calculators or something that might have chosen glyphs for some of the forth primitives, by any chance?

@neauoire a while back i thought about this too, but im not sure forth has the same quality as apl that allows the glyphs to be effective in the same way; but the internationality aspect is definitely strong in the other sense. how will devices be handled?

@eris Well, a device call is like

byte device_name DEO_opcode

my thinking was that in a purely graphic uxn UI, labels would be little 32x32 drawings, so maybe the device for File, would be a little drawing of a file. The DEO opode would be the uxn glyph for DEO.

@neauoire a big difference between forth and apl is that forth is pretty abstraction focused, whereas apl, other than the abstractions you get, is somewhat opposed to it

@neauoire in forth, everything is named, whereas in apl, nothing is

@eris yeah I'm not sure how viable of an experiment this even is. I'm curious to see if there's anything there at all. My guess is that it will get real confusing real fast.

@eris I've never programmed using nothing but hieroglyphs tho, may it'll be something I enjoy.

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