@tsturm @neauoire my version, "be a civilized dog on the bus." I think this poster is still all over the place in Beijing.

@neauoire 杩欎釜姣攃ivilization fuck everyone杩樺姜鎮嶃

@neauoire and this is how I learned the Chinese word for 'civilization' is someone doing jumping jacks in a top-hat in front of some multistory buildings. #DIYetymology

if anyone is curious a proper translation is something like
"please note:
use the toilet in a civilized matter. thanks everyone"

@neauoire glad to see that merveilles has its own flavor of dank meme

@neauoire what I like about this one is you can clearly figure out what the intended message was meant to be. But, accidental honestly strikes in translation :bloblaugh:

@neauoire 鈥滄枃鏄庡鍘曗濆彉鎴愪簡鈥滄枃鏄庡叆鍘曗濔煈岋紙鏂囨槑鏄皝锛熶笁鍗曞湪鍝紵锛塮eels like you can just flush it away鈥 LOL

@neauoire 鈥滄枃鏄庤蛋鍚戝睅鍧戯紝鍏ㄦ嫓鍚勪綅鎵璧愨 :0010: 缈昏瘧鍑轰簡鏂伴珮搴

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