A bunch of folks are working together to build a boot.rom for that would serve as a launcher for when no rom is loaded through the terminal.

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@neauoire is the source going to be added to the uxn repo, or is it somewhere else?

@neauoire I’m always amazed by how concise tal is considering it’s an assembly language; a graphical launcher in ~400 loc is pretty cool :D

@flbr it's also only about 900 bytes with the font included and everything. :D

@neauoire You've created a movement, and without using Github!

This is the kind of freedom people pine about, but either don't have the programming chops or focus to actually pull it off, so they just rant about how modern computing sucks and do nothing to change it.


Yes, I just described myself and I don't like it.

@CosmicTortoise it takes infinite amount of time, that's the secret trick.

@neauoire Oh ok. C'est plus sérieux que je pensais. Haha.

Moi ça me rappelais quand j'étais petit et que je disais que je "faisait de l'ordinateur"
(Prononcé sans les R: "odinateuw")

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