@neauoire wow, this one seems like it would be particularly cool to see animated

@tty it's my second time drawing 1-bit water! Worked a lot better this time around.

Maybe tomorrow I draw a full ocean stage :)


@neauoire my brain is thinking about how incorporating subtle refraction might work in a way that doesn't add too much visual noise >:)

@neauoire it looks more and more like some old school quest game!

@neauoire I was reading “The Quantum Thief” trilogy by Hannu Rajaniemi about post-humans and your Inktober art is literally illustrations to that world. So beautiful.

@neauoire only now noticing and connecting the little buddy that's been in all the drawings

@cblgh there's 2 different buddies in the drawing, but it's a bit hard to tell

@neauoire maybe it's just coincidence but there are some BLAME vibes in these pictures


It's like you are writing a game engine for the Game.com.

@neauoire I realized on Tuesday that part of the appeal of these is the subject isn't in pursuit, isn't preoccupied with a goal, and isn't lost in meta. The subject is simply there, presumably by first venturing here, then there, by way of over there.

The world presents the occupant with enormous spaces that connect offscreen. The reward granted for traversal is to exhibit the same qualities as the architecture— stoic, mysterious, amaranthine.

...Hey! I avoided using pronouns!

@rezmason @rek would be proud :)

Yeah, it's more about limnal space than, getting some place or telling a story. I enjoy making these a lot, it's like traveling somewhere.

@neauoire these are all so awesome! you should really checkout sable (the game) if you haven't this really gives me the same feeling as the world that was created in that game.

one question, are you 3D modeling these somehow and converting them to drawings? Your perspective is really great and I'd love to know how you are making these.

@neauoire «The Lighthouse» (2019), directed by Robert Eggers.

@joshauget A bit, I'm not sure if I have it written down online, I'll look through my notes.

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