@neauoire this guy is always vaguely in an ok direction, more often a joke to me though. i'll admit i'm a radical. anything that's politically palpable enough for mainstream america falls way short of what's needed to correct the injustices that north american colonial powers have inflicted.


It's a valuable insight, but I wish - ironically? - that Yang ended with a little more optimism here. Just, not disingenuous optimism.

The thing is, just because there's a lot of performative, hollow reassurance on the part of politicians doesn't mean there aren't actually ways forward. Seeing reality clearly and admitting its true form is also the first step towards genuinely solving problems.

It's no good to pretend to solve a problem that you're not actually solving. But it's also no good to throw your hands up in despair and conclude no solutions exist.

@aearo that's a honestly difficult problem to solve, the moment I realized the article to be about the Spectacle, I didn't expect an answer. It's a topic that interests me a lot, but I have yet to find someone that posits something like a solution about it.

@neauoire heart "But none of those things will actually happen. By talking about them as if they were possible, I’m giving people a mistaken sense of reassurance. We have become a whole network of people bullshitting each other into believing that smart people are thinking about it and good things are happening that will address the problems. And then we all just go back to whatever we were doing."

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