Microsoft owns npm, github and typescript. I did not know that, but that explains a lot.

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@neauoire feel like vscode deserves a mention in that list

@flip I'm not familiar with it :/ These are only some of the services that I know :)

@neauoire for so many devs, especially web devs, it’s *almost* all msft

Write typescript in vscode, install packages from npm, push up to github… now they just need their javascript runtime to catch on

@neauoire Yeah it's kind of an alarming grip they've acquired on the mainstream open-source ecosystem. But we out here :3

@neauoire yep. TS originated, if I recall correctly, from a research team at MSFT trying to figure out how to make web tech accessible to their C#-heavy dev teams while adding flair from F# (type system, mostly), which helped paint a better picture of weird design choices (and seemingly-unresolvable-for-backwards-compat-reasons bugs...) in the language for me

@klardotsh yeah I was just reading about the story behind typescript. I had no idea

@neauoire speaking of languages Microsoft has a strong stake in, they're also part of the Rust Foundation

I don't actually know that there's reason to be concerned there, but gosh, you just can't escape them if you use (by choice or by force) anything even remotely popular these days (even transiently, given they host all the code too)

@klardotsh When I think Rust, I normally think Amazon, but that makes sense, they're sort of similar in a way.

@neauoire ah, yeah - the biggest members of the RF are AWS, Facebook, Google, Huawei, MSFT, and Mozilla, so you're not wrong either way

@neauoire Isn't it node.js, github, and typescript? Wouldn't make really sense if it owned just the package manager.

Yes. I'm not sure about alternative javascript runtimes, preferably open source. I guess you would rather use Apache's web and app server and develop in Java, which is completely different of course. So if you already developedin

Gitea is an alternative to github that can be self-hosted, or you use or the Gitea instance on Gitea is open source but written in Go. A GNU compiler for Go exists, so, if it's important for you, ask a provider you choose for for the used compiler. The original Go compiler will be of Google, so you would just fight a devil with the beelzebub.

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