@neauoire Whoa! I used to love these as a teenager! Had two or three VHS of that collection.

@federicomena the pyramid is one of the most vivid memory of my childhood for some reason

@neauoire @federicomena

This precise moment right here scared the living daylights out of me at age 3. I guess it was the first time I encountered the uncanny valley, and it made a very strong impression.


@neauoire @federicomena same dude! and the awesome lil doggie barking at the butterfly! so memorable. I think these used to get aired on TV between shows sometimes like on YTV or some other Canadian station. Tho yeah we also sat there as a family and watched the entire thing when it aired in full and I was beyond stoked the entire time. Just pure imagination-sparking stuff all the way! I had no clue Jan Hammer composed the music… that’s amazing! love his stuff 🖤

@neauoire now I want to watch some Future Sound of London music videos haha

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