The Zim Kingston cargo ship lost 40 containers just outside of Vancouver, now it's anchored near Victoria and it's on fire.. And the storm has not even begun.


We went to see the burning cargo ship yesterday, it was being sprayed on all afternoon by the famous plastic removal ship that happened to be nearby.

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@neauoire is it safe to be nearby and breathe the smoke?

@oz probably not, but we were pretty far away, the wind was blowing the smoke away from the shore.

@neauoire What a coincidence! They're just causally going around, saving absolutely everyone.

@freedcreative They are! Their ship have arrived in the arbor earlier this week, with a cargo full of plastics they picked up in the Pacific.

Their ships are gorgeous.

@neauoire Is it silly to think of that blue as "hopeful blue"?

I think I'm going to purchase a pair of their sunglasses too. They have that same blue and they said they hope to fund the project with things they make from the rubbish.

@neauoire image description:
Two large identical ships (and a third one behind the curtain of water?) spraying a huge cargo ship. The jet comes from their top. Their side is lower on their backs, probably for loading and unloading the garbage they collect.

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