Gonna be working from the Pinebook for a month starting on the 1st, I'm half dreading this, everything is falling apart on that thing. At least it runs my things..


That's the music player that comes with Manjaro on the Pinebook, this design is not kidding around.

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@neauoire I'd rather use that than Spotify or Apple Music

@cancel It has a bunch of icons that don't do anything, there's one button that opens a http window of youtube which complains about certificates, another one that opens a new text file with the body "none"

@cancel Well, it's not a contest for the worse way to listen to music..

Returned to sanity:

@neauoire I bet the design hasn't been changed in ages, because they don't give a shit about design (maybe once they did, ages ago. That explains the outdated look and feel) and prefer to focus on functionality and reliability. I respect that!

I mean, the situation is arguably even worse in your 9front, lol.

I'm not sure if SMPlayer actually "works" well, I wish I could say the functionalities that is has are actually working.

zuke is pretty good on 9front, actually it's probably the next best thing for me after cmus.

@neauoire So far, I'm basing my judgement in looks. I believe ugly software tends to be more stable and reliable than fancy software, because UI/UX can say a lot about where priorities are placed.

When I mentioned plan9, by worse I was referring to the fact that it's arguably uglier, not that it doesn't work well.

@avalos Oh right, I misread what you mean. I tend to agree, when things don't look overdesigned, the surface of failure is smaller.

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