I feel dirty but I've been investigating blockchain technologies lately (deeply, implementation-wise), trying to see behind the smoke of "web3" and what can be actually useful in the data structure and whatnot.

There are so many problems there I don't know where to start making things better.

Obviously energy consumption is a tremendous issue. But also the little distribution of resources (like always), for something so "decentralised". How horrendously inefficient everything is. The fees. The "distributed apps". And I don't even want to talk about the forbidden word, No Fucking Thanks.

Sorry, not really a vent but I'm puzzled with this and really trying to think about alternatives and ways to make it better/improve our usage of it somehow.


@dfr what parts of web3 are you trying to leverage?

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@neauoire I've always liked distributed things and blockchain is one of many. I almost did my final thesis on distributed computing over blockchain back when it was just a niche thing (I ended up doing a web monitor for air pollution because blockchain was unusable).

I'm still curious to see which parts can actually be useful (if any), or maybe it's all BS.

@dfr I can see multiple uses to distributed append-only databases. They're pretty good for wikis, have you thought about exploring that sort of things?

@neauoire that's a very good idea! The way I see it, the problem is usually the consensus algorithm. Most wikis are centralised + contributions. A distributed DB would require consensus, and most blockchain consensus algorithms that I've looked into so far are meh (either computationally expensive or have discrimination issues e.g. PoS). But I'm not an expert!! I'll continue my investigation :)

@dfr etherium is not really "decentralized" per-say but dapp development is well documented. I went through the tutorials a couple of years back. It'll show you what it can do, you could re-implement the stack in our own ways if that's something that you could find a use for.

@dfr @neauoire consensus is definitely the hardest problem to solve in an elegant way. I don't think PoS should be so quickly dismissed though. Perhaps take a look at Algorand, I think it is the most sane PoS implementation.

@dfr @neauoire I always wondered if there was a way to make a ledger type thing all by myself that made cheating at a turn based game a little harder to get away with, but didn't rely on enormous amounts of computation time or energy.

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