We created a little file browser rom that will ship with the emulators, so you can change program without having to go through the terminal.

@neauoire lovely :) I had to rename reboot() to uxn_reboot() on macOS as there is a builtin one at /Applications/

@olav I'm trying to keep uxn_ functions for functions defined in uxn.c, I've renamed reboot for restart, does that work for you on OSX?

@neauoire yes, restart() works, thanks.

Which keys work in boot.rom? I've discovered CTRL to start a rom. Is there a way to change directory?

@olav Not yet, it's very much a work in progress. The A key is ctrl on uxnemu, I will add enter as an alternative to launching roms.

There is an issue when trying to load the first rom at the top of the list that I will fix now :)

@neauoire while we're on the topic of macOS: on m1 macs, homebrew installs itself under /opt/homebrew. So the SDL link path in would be /opt/homebrew/lib there (instead of /usr/local/lib)

@neauoire Awesome! I love that it has animation and - most of all - sound!

@neauoire this is great! :tealheart: how are you going back to the file browser after opening a rom?

@sejo you can make your own boot.rom, as long as it's in the same folder, it'll return to that rom.

It has a few issues, but I'm working on making it nice :)

@neauoire i wonder, is there's a plan to incorporate asma someplace here? i see all of this super close to be able to write uxntal from left, assemble, and then run, all without having to go outside uxnemu 😮

@sejo haha, we were just talking about that just now on IRC. I think we'll start simple, and build on this to have a fully graphical browser with icons and menus down the line.

"Right-click Assemble .tal file"

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