Thinking about making a sort of timeline of the various online art communities I've participated in over the years.

As far as I can recall

raster -> angelworld -> shadowness -> depthcore -> isopharmacy -> merure -> 8bitcollective -> TIGsource -> merveilles

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@neauoire that would be cool to see visualized with the kind of work you were doing in them and see what kind of overlap there was too ~

@ritualdust I've stored collecting pieces from each era and putting them on a single page, I'll share it tomorrow :)

@neauoire i'd be interested in reading more about these, about how they functioned, your thoughts on them, etc.

by the way, have you seen the documentary Preserving Worlds? I think there are 6 episodes

@neauoire i loved 8bitcollective. 8bitcollective saved my life

@zens it was a good place, maybe it saved my life too in a way.

@neauoire ah, 8bc fond but terrible memories at the same time.

@neauoire I definitely have great memories about it. I met some super fun people through that place.

@neauoire If everyone did this we could graph intersections.. just realized the node our paths crossed.

@minikomi @neauoire kinda like LinkedIn, but for creative communities as opposed to jobs? hehehe

@minikomi @neauoire I've always loved this idea. I have mine on my profile. Let's all do that!

@neauoire @minikomi It's the "subcultures" field. Not sure that's quite ideal to follow, but it's a start.

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