@neauoire I wish I could be in it but apparently I use too much CSS3… 😢

@tommi yeah your website is not readable on simpler browsers : < It has been a little while since I've last checked tho, I'll have another look :)

@neauoire this is not something I've ever actually tested on my site, so I'm surprised I still qualify 😅

do you have any simple browsers you'd recommend testing against?

@neauoire Hou are very kind. Unfortunately, I love CSS3 variables too much and they are critical for dark/light theme switching, so I cannot really remove them.

@neauoire I wanted to submit my site, but I'm not sure when I'll meet the pages requirement (which I'm kinda meh on, but it's also not my webring >:))

@neauoire Ha, made a blogroll on my website a few weeks ago, great idea. boris-marinov.github.io/

Good idea for a weekend project (in general, not nudging you to do it) - put an an aggregated RSS feed too. It may even be a static script which runs every day and craws the websites.

@neauoire moi je suis outcast :( j'ai un site Wordpress...snif snif...

@Hellien @neauoire Si tu as l’envie, il est possible d’afficher une api REST en JSON depuis WordPress. Cela pourrait te permettre de récupérer tout ton contenu et le transformer en autre chose à partir duquel créer un site perso.

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