@neauoire image description: an illustration of a small town, except the roads have been replaced with bottomless pits. pedestrians are walking on relatively narrow paths, and crossings are represented with a wooden plank that is bending

The only thing missing in the picture to describe the dangers of traffic is cracks or less solid parts of the sidewalks, for when motorists don't keep to their designated lanes in the street.

@sugarbell @neauoire normally, environments without cars make me feel happy and relaxed. Not this one.

@g1comics@equestria.social @neauoire@merveilles.town I mean, the indication probably is to depict the atmosphere of how cars actually are by treating all car zones as "death zones"

But yeah, it would be much more comfortable, if the cars would be in the picture, my fear of heights complains

@neauoire The "Adam Ruins Everything" episode about cars and the push to make pedestrian unfriendly cities was mind-blowing. And infuriating.

@neauoire Is this how the Martians lived when the canals dried up?
Those chasms would terrify me - I wouldn't go near the town. Not that I leave the house much these days anyway.

I love the idea of getting rid of all cars. We could replace our tarmac roads with tree lined grassy walkways connecting the natural spaces across the land, leaving safe strips for bicycles and other eco-friendly conveyances.

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