@neauoire Lovely little interview.

Trying to build a permacomputing lifestyle is quite difficult, especially in isolation. I think the communal quality of the process is central

@dualhammers totally, that's why I'm trying to get people excited about this stuff :)

@neauoire The people I see who are the most on board seem to be people who have some kind of physical community to rely on. That may be where the gap lies for some -- how do I build a community where my communal ties (parasocial or otherwise) rely on high-power systems

@dualhammers how do you know that they have a strong physical community?

@neauoire The ones I've talked to seem to. It may not be large, but close in-person relationships seem to be a common trend

@neauoire Love it!
Left (the C version) is one of the reasons I currently use micro instead of nano (it taught me that using the mouse in a text editor is good for productivity). (ssh is part of why I use micro instead of left)

@neauoire once upon a time, I put #plan9 on a raspberry pi and used it a bit (but eventually switched because I couldn't figure out the wifi (I use that pi for displaying my song website on my piano)). Mouse-chording is interesting (I loved using it for search in left), but given how much I use touchscreen devices (pinephone), I don't see it becoming part of my workflow.

@zachdecook Acme runs on linux through Plan9Port if you're willing to jump through the hoops.

I use left as my daily driver for the past 6 months, and I doubt I'll ever use another text editor at this point.

@neauoire Thanks for sharing!
This is resurfacing some thoughts I've been neglecting and really begging the question:
Ok, yeah, I probably *should* just start my own company, but how the heck do I do that and make it make sense for my family? I've been thinking about it to some extent for several years now.

@groovestomp This is not a situation that we have the answers for.. I hope you find a way to reconcile the two.

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