Keeping warm by going through Elena Chernyshova's photos of the arctic city of Norilsk, which is in darkness for 45 days a year.

@owl @neauoire I agree! It's hard to believe these are actual photographs!

@neauoire oof, no thanks. I find it hard enough dealing with the short days in Scotland; pure darkness for 45 days would wreck me!

@neauoire on last photo I thought I saw split air-conditioner and then I was like "why, why do they need one, they have winter 6 months in the year", but then I took better look and realized this was part of architecture.

@MrManor @neauoire thanks for the link to lensculture. Great stuff over there!

@Devine Lu Linvega Norilsk is out of this world project... somehow makes me feel proud for humanity though

@neauoire btw if I'm not mistaken Norilsk is one of the most remote towns in the world (and the less fun to live in, judging by the photos)

@neauoire @kouett nah.

Just a giant nickel refinery and a feckton of aerial pollution.

@kouett @neauoire According to Wikipedia, it’s also one of the most polluted city in the Russian Federation.

@Sylvhem @kouett @neauoire

also, there's no road connecting it to the rest of the country. everything in the city belongs to the mining company. workers come there because of high wages, and subsequently cannot leave due to the high cost of living / leaving. it's also basically impossible to get there unless you work for the company, and it's illegal for foreigners without a special permit.

@Sylvhem @kouett @neauoire

"darkness for 45 days per year" is about the coziest thing you could say about this place.

@guenther It's disturbing that we've created something on this planet that is more dystopian than a lot of dystopian fiction.

@neauoire there's a Blade Runner 2049 vibe on these pics, with snow replacing sand

@neauoire I now know where I will shoot my Imaginary dystopian sci-fi movie 🎥

@neauoire Wow! It sounds almost as close as one could get to visiting another planet without leaving Earth. That alone is tempting even if the climate is... less than friendly 😅

@neauoire isn't this like one of the worst cities on the planet
cool beans -- they mine nickel, platinum, and palladium there.
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