Me: So, instead we decided to go the other way and make software that would work on older and older hardware, as to not support to creation of new garbage
My dad: this is the worst fucking business model I've ever heard-

@tty the conversation was in french, but business here was translated from something like trade/occupation.

@neauoire I'm so down into anti-capitalism nowadays that I found people (usually boomers) still believing in "business models" as kinda cute. Like, they are poor little creatures who didn't yet realize it's the end of the world. I just pat them on the head gently and say "don't worry, we'll handle this now".

@neauoire and yet - a sensible way to meet the needs (and not the demands) of a niche "market"

Not the sole intention, surely, but certainly satisfies

@neauoire it's as if your sole purpose in life is not to be successful in <your work/earn shitloads of cash> they won't understand.
I feel like I could be speaking ancient greek sometimes.

@neauoire Well.. may I go against the current here? The economy maps the relations of somebody being useful to somebody else, measuring this utility in money. There are a lot of really bad things in the economic sphere, like tricking people that they do need something that they don't or monopolies. But at the core if something is useful to somebody else and the creator enjoys creating it, it is not a bad 'business model' at all IMHO.

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