I went way down the tamagochi rabbit hole and have re-emerged.

@neauoire really love the mood that newborn tamagotchi has

@neauoire lol I have one of the originals in a box somewhere. I remember being shocked at how quickly you start to empathize with the little creature.

@neauoire is this happening for real?
Can I load UXN in my tamagotchi?

@varchs No, Rekka and I are making a tamagochi FOR uxn. I have no idea how the tamagochi hardware works.

@neauoire it would be soooo cool though. I believe a rom is on the hardware somehow... Tamagotchi for UXN nice idea!

I think hitting A and C would toggle the sound. I remember being really embarrassed once when I forgot to mute mine in class and it went off.

@neauoire so funny, I was actually thinking of getting a tamagotchi. Would be incredible to one day have one on a tiny device that runs uxn!

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