@neauoire Do you have any experience with PLCs? I’ve been designing my hydronic heating/cooling system for my new home and was thinking a PLC would be a good idea. I imagine one could run Uxn, but I’m not sure where to start. Any ideas?


@daniel I'm not sure I know what PLCs are :< sorry

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@daniel Which PLC are you using? Does it have a C compiler for it?

@neauoire Some of them do. I haven’t picked one yet because I want to find the most compatible.

@daniel If you don't want to re-implement the uxn vm in assembly, you'll need one that can be compiled to from c

@neauoire I’m going to keep researching and ask some friends for advice, but I’ll probably get one this week. From what I understand, PLC programs are rarely interchangeable, but if they could run Uxn, that might solve that problem.

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